Quick Catch-up, with Robert Forster + Young & Restless + Butcher Birds

Been doing too much photographing and not enough updating stuff recently…

The week after Pig City photographed Robert Forster who was playing a residency at The Powerhouse, doing a different album in full each night for 4 nights with the line-up that recorded each album. Originally put in for final night when he was playing Go-Betweens from 2000-2006 but they weren’t doing photos that night. The only other night that could do was the first night when he was playing ‘Danger in the Past’ with Mick Harvey and Thomas Wydler reprising their roles from the 1990 recording (and Adele Pickvance on bass). Had been looking forward to photographing him but was a frustrating as there was no photo pit, with the seats going right up to the stage. This meant that could only shoot from the aisles at the side, meaning that the photos were a lot more profile than had wanted. This was my favourite from the night and was printed in rave in the first week of August.

A couple of days after had a bit of a change of scene and photographed Young & Restless, with Butcher Birds supporting, at Exile, the new venue on Roma Street. Lighting was ok-ish for Butcher Birds but Y&R played pretty much in the dark. So cheated and used flash. A few photos below and a lot more on flickr.


Butcher Birds

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