Falls Festival 2006

Falls Festival photos from what seems like an age ago…

Drove down to Melbourne the day after Boxing Day for a couple nights. Tried to book somewhere to stay on the way but forgot that the cricket was on and got laughed at by lots of hostels when phoned them up. So ended up camping in Preston/Coburg…..

Spent the next day/evening in St Kilda/the City/Brunswick Street then up early the next day and off to Lorne for another 3 nights of camping… Despite the early start, stopping at Bunnings to get some wellies in case it rained, breakfast in Geelong, lunch in Dean’s Marsh and drinks in The Lorne Hotel mean we don’t get there until late and missed the first couple bands.

Highlight of the Friday night, and indeed one of the whole weekend, was Basement Jaxx.

Saturday was a bit of a blur of bands. CSS and The Vasco Era were great. Modest Mouse were disappointing (was having worst Johnny Marr fanboy moment ever during their set though and so the photos weren’t much cop either)… Am in love with the singer from The Audreys… Eskimo Joe were making me lose the will to live…

Sunday was more chilled than Saturday, helped by photographing less bands…You Am I and John Butler (yeah, i know…) were highlights.

Wolfmother were… Wolfmother… They’ve probably taken the whole thing a bit far by having a 6/12 Gibson SG (although, as was noticed by everyone, the 12 string neck wasn’t touched at any point). If they had done one less guitar solo they might have actually managed to do the New Year countdown on time… and not 12 minutes late. They came back on with You Am I and did a cover of “Baba O’Reily”. You got the impression that Wolfmother didn’t know the song, despite it being a classic rock song from the 1970s… They had minimal input and either Andrew Stockdale had the spirit of jazz in him, was deep in the juju and chasing the train…or he was trying to play a guitar solo in a really wrong key…..

Loads of photos on The Dwarf.

And a few below.


You Am I

John Butler Trio

The Vasco Era

Johnny Marr

Saul Williams


Basement Jaxx

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