New Pornographers @ The Zoo

A.C. Newman - New Pornographers

I confess: bar a tune or two, New Pornographers were a band I mainly knew by reputation and recommendation. 100 or so minutes and two encores later I’m a true convert with a copy of their latest album, ‘Challengers‘ in my bag and money burning a hole in my pocket until I can get myself down to Rocking Horse to get started on their back catalogue. They might have butchered the Go-Betweens’ ‘Love Goes On!’, but other than that it was a pretty perfect evening of music. Which is more than can be said for the photography…

There’s something of a fine line when it comes to photographing gigs; do too many and you end up feeling tired and jaded. But do too few and you really feel off the pace, and this was something that I really felt tonight. Although it had only been about 2½ weeks since the gigs I went to whilst down In Melbourne, and only about 3½ weeks since my last Brisbane gig, it was only my second gig in the city since mid-August. What surprised me even more was finding that it was the first time photographing at The Zoo, easily my most regular haunt, since The Audreys back in May.

Feeling very off the pace was a frustrating feeling, further compounded by both A.C. Newman and Kathryn Calder singing and playing with their eyes tightly shut for just about the whole gig. I was desperately trying to get shots during the milliseconds when they flashed an eyeball, but apart from a couple of shots it proved to be largely a futile exercise.

A.C. Newman - New Pornographers

Kathryn Calder - New Pornographers

A.C. Newman - New Pornographers

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