Patrick Wolf

Worst set of photos I’ve taken in ages. Was really dark and was too far back in the crowd. The only time he had any light on him was when he was sat at his keyboard on the other side of the stage from where I was, which meant I had to try photograph across the crowd between people’s heads and mobile phones held aloft. A shame as the best gig been to in such a long while. Totally captivating and the songs are fantastic. It reminded me of being in Newcastle back in the day and seeing so many bands play when they were first starting out, just before they went huge and never played anywhere as small ever again.

If you don’t know him you really should check him out here. Although there are some better/more songs on some of the fansites such as here and here.

Hopefully when he comes back with his grand piano and string section he’ll also bring some lights with him…  and play somewhere with a photo pit…

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