The Vasco Era + The Fumes

Gave up photographing The Fumes after about a song ‘cos the the lighting was so bad. Was having a drink, was stood by the mixing desk and a random guy started chatting to me about the usual, i.e. who I was photographing for etc. Then it went a bit surreal….

Random Guy: So why aren’t you down the front taking photos.

Me: The lightings rubbish, it’s too dark etc.

Random Guy: I can do the lights? You want me to do them?

And even after he jumped up and started playing around with the lighting desk I was still thinking that it was just some random drunk guy having a laugh. But he knew what he was doing and so the lighting went from zero to decent. So fair play to him. Bumped into him later and said thanks as he was heading backstage, so he obviously was either with the bands or worked at The Zoo. The lighting wasn’t as good for The Vasco Era but becuase he had turned on the lights for The Fumes the sound guy at least turned some of them on.

Some photos below and more on flickr.

The Vasco Era

The Fumes

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