Amazingly another year has rolled by and it’s the sixth anniversary of the first blog post I ever wrote.

In those six years I have written 449 blog posts, with this post now being the big 450.  This time last year I was up to 362 published posts so it’s been a really productive year of writing, with 88 posts published in the last 12 months.  Obviously there’s still a massive backlog of posts, nothing changes in regard to that,  but I almost got down to single figures recently of outstanding photos and blogs to complete, from a record high of almost 50 a couple of years ago.  Moving out to the suburbs may have made relying on public transport to get home from gigs a lot more problematic but the 28 minute each-way commute everyday has been given me the opportunity to become more disciplined, break out my notebook and do some writing each day to keep on top of posts.  I’m possibly the only person who doesn’t get irate and take to the Courier Mail’s comment section with a vengeance if the train is a few minutes late.  So even though there’s a still a lot still to publish, I’ve got extensive notes and drafts in advanced stages of writing  for more than 20 posts at the moment (with the photos all done), I just need to tidy them up and get them published.  Still dreaming of the day when there is no backlog and every gig is published within a few days of happening, like used to happen back in the day.

Thanks, as ever, to anyone who reads the blog or looks at the photos and special thanks to all the people who have taken time to comment.

I’ll leave you with an appropriately named celebratory song from one of Britpop’s best bands, Mansun (you should check them out if you don’t know them).

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