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This Is Not A Photo Opportunity is Ten

It feels a bit awkward to be celebrating a whole decade of blogging today when it’s been so long since I actually posted anything up.  I’ve  only published 17 new posts  since this time last year, a number of which were from travels to Western Australia and nothing to do with music, and the last time […]


Another year has rolled around to the seventh anniversary of blogging. In those seven years I have written 495 with this post now being Number 496.  It’s been a slow year of 45 published posts, especially when you consider that this time last year I was reporting a really productive year of 88 published posts over the […]


Amazingly another year has rolled by and it’s the sixth anniversary of the first blog post I ever wrote. In those six years I have written 449 blog posts, with this post now being the big 450.  This time last year I was up to 362 published posts so it’s been a really productive year of writing, […]

This Is Not A Photo Opportunity Has Wood

Seems like only yesterday…. Yep, we made it through another year and scarily have made it all the way to five years of blogging, our Wooden Anniversary.  When you start out you never think about the future or that in five years time you might still be writing about poor lighting at Brisbane venues, shows that […]

This Is Not A Photo Opportunity – Blogging since 2006

Amazingly, this week was is the fourth anniversary of me starting to do a regular photo blog, first on Myspace and now on This Is Not A Photo Opportunity. The actual anniversary was on Wednesday but although I’d drafted up 90% of this post it’s been a hectic week and I forgot to finish it […]

A New Beginning

Whilst I have been writing a regular music photo blog on myspace for much of the last two years – you can check it out here – I thought it was about time that I went out on my own, went a bit more legitimate/professional and set up my own blog.  So welcome to ‘This […]