Sloan & The Pictures

Photographed Sloan on Thurs night, with The Pictures supporting.

When the Rave Concert Calendar was emailed around it was a blast from the past to see their name on it. A housemate from years ago had some of their stuff, so put in for it despite a Thursday night embarrassment of photo ops (Underoath, Tim Rogers, and Dallas Crane/67 Special all playing Brisbane the same night). Also Intercooler were initially the opening band and I’ve never photographed them, but they pulled out due to going on their own tour with Mary Trembles. But I’m sure that there will be another time for them…

Was a fantastic set of awesome indie power pop but was really tired after a long week at work so had to call it a day at 12:15am, with the band still going, which was a real shame. And, because of the public holiday, Rave’s deadline was midday Friday so had to sort out a few photos when got back and email them off. This meant that I was up until almost 1:30am, followed far too swiftly by the joys of the 6:30am alarm…

Anyway, some photos… and more on flickr.

The Pictures


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