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BIGSOUND 2015, 09.09.2015 – Part 1

I went to BigSound and photographed a lot of bands across the two nights of live showcases.  It’s one of those occasions where photo opportunities are maximised at the expense of spending time with any of the acts. Highlights from this first set of photos were the musically-worlds-apart Aldous Harding and High Tension.  The Aldous […]

Red Riders + The Cairos + Ruby Tigers @ The Globe

I’ve always had a soft spot for Red Riders. They were amongst the first bands I saw after moving to Sydney, when they supported theredsunband at @Newtown in September 2004, with Matt emailing me after I uploaded the photos to a certain Australian music website to say that he loved the photos and since then […]

Andrew Morris + Texas Tea @ The Globe

It’s the first time I’ve seen Texas Tea since their album launch back at the end of November. After an all-star cast that night, it’s back to just Kate and Ben tonight. The band sound as good as ever though. Having photographed them on so many occasions, including my very first gig as a Brisbane […]

Texas Tea Album Launch @ The Globe

All the way back in August 2007 I had the great privilege to spend an evening with Brisbane’s very own Johnny and June, Texas Tea, during the recording of their second album, ‘The Junkship Recordings‘, up at Jamie Trevaskis‘ home studio up at The Gap.  It was an amazing experience to sit and watch them rehearse and […]

Joan As Police Woman @ The Globe

There was a two-song limit in place for photographing Joan As Police Woman. But not something sensible like Songs One and Two or Two and Three; instead it was the slightly bizarre pairing of Songs Two and Five. In retrospect there was some method to this madness, as these songs gave the differing opportunites of […]

theredsunband + Z Rays + Sienna @ The Globe

theredsunband were one of the first batch of bands I saw when I first moved to Sydney, although I can’t remember the occasion. I know I saw them play at the album launch for their first album at @Newtwon in October 2004 with The Red Riders supporting, and think that my first time of seeing […]

Schlockfest 2007

Couple Saturday nights ago went to Scholckfest at The Globe. Schlockfest bills itself as ‘Brisbane’s Best B-Grade Short Film Festival’ and the films I saw didn’t disappoint with tales of killer cans of Spam and giant chickens. As well as the films there was also caberet and music to end the night. The main reason […]

Zombie Ghost Train + The Wrath

Last Saturday night was Zombie Ghost Train and The Wrath at The Globe. Was a toss up between that and Vasco Era at The Zoo. Seen TVE a couple times before (supporting Gomez, Falls Festival) and although really impressive live and good to photograph, was a bit disappointed with the album, plus not seen ZGT […]

MereNoise Meltdown

Had a great night at the MereNoise Meltdown festival at The Globe at the start of the month (2 June). Load of photos on Rave’s website and dumped bigger versions on flickr. The flickr shots are as I intended them to be; had to reshape them for Rave after they had initially been done. The […]

Sloan & The Pictures

Photographed Sloan on Thurs night, with The Pictures supporting. When the Rave Concert Calendar was emailed around it was a blast from the past to see their name on it. A housemate from years ago had some of their stuff, so put in for it despite a Thursday night embarrassment of photo ops (Underoath, Tim […]

Emma Dean & Tara Simmons

Some photos from a gig at The Globe last month that got missed and have been sat on my hard drive. Is hard getting photos of pianists/keyboard players; even though they don’t move, they always seem to lean in close on the mic so that you always get it obscuring half their face, and from […]

Expatriate + Operator Please + wind&brackets

Over jet-lag and straight back into photographing stuff after being away for the BDO and all the Brisbane sideshows.  Hopefully someone will give me Splendour, V and other assorted festivals and big shows to make up for it… Will get around to posting some photos from my two weeks back in the UK but in […]

The Follow + The Mercy Dolls + The Mean Streaks

Went to The Globe for the first time on Friday and found that it’s really nice venue, especially the lighting. Even the red light was strong enough to get some really nice contrasty B+W shots. Had taken Thursday and Friday off ill and have spent ever since coughing up my lungs so probably shouldn’t have […]