Splendour In The Grass – Friday

 Headed down to Splendour at luncthime.  Picked up Kylie, who’s photographing for FL, on the way down and we stopped in Byron for lunch at The Great Northern and a walk around.  The fluoro is already out in force.  Then we headed down the coast a bit further to our hotel in Ballina, The Ramada.  The hotel is very new and very white.  It’s got a very sterile vibe and was eerily quiet when we got out the hotel lift, like something out of a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie.  The room is great though and at the moment I’m watching the England v South Africa.  I’m also using an unsecured wireless internet connection to post this blog…. but that’s another story.  As we’ve got our own kitchen in the room we went out and bought food.  I say food but I mean Red Bull, iced coffee, chocolate and Tim Tams…

Free Tibet
Byron Van

Byron Bay – The calm before the storm
Byron - Friday 

Ballina Ramada

Sunset from the balcony
Ballina Sunset

Ballina Ramada

View from the balcony
Hotel Pool

No Party Policy
No Party Policy

2 Responses to “Splendour In The Grass – Friday”

  1. Can’t believe I am missing a Tim Tam party…

  2. Justin says:

    The Tim Tams are as yet unopened. They’re to keep me going through the darkness that will be editing today’s and tomorrow’s photos at unhealthy times of the night/morning.

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