Texas Tea Album Launch @ The Globe

All the way back in August 2007 I had the great privilege to spend an evening with Brisbane’s very own Johnny and June, Texas Tea, during the recording of their second album, ‘The Junkship Recordings‘, up at Jamie Trevaskis‘ home studio up at The Gap.  It was an amazing experience to sit and watch them rehearse and record and to listen back to the early playbacks of the album.  A bit strangely I don’t seemed to have written a blog about it, which is a bit of a surprise as I was photographing for Mess+Noise.  The photos are on flickr though.

With the album sounding so good back in August 2007, the long 14 month wait for them to finish it off and get it released so that everyone could listen to it has been painful.  They say that good things come to those that wait but Ben and Kate have taken it to a bit of an extreme…

It was another awesome performance from the band, with them playing in full-band mode for some songs.  Although the rarity of a full band adds something to the occasion and allowed them to replicate the more layered songs that they had written and recorded for the second album, I still think that there’s something so much more captivating and mesmerising when it’s just the two of them on stage.

Support for the night was from Timothy Carroll, James McCann and Jacob S Harris (whose set, in true street press style, I managed to miss apart from the last song).  I was very impressed with Timothy Carroll, a singer that had never seen before and who reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t put my finger on exactly who.  Maybe a bit Damien Rice, but I don’t think that was who I was thinking of on the night.  I’m sure it’ll come to be randomly at some point when I least expect it…

Some more photos on flickr.

Texas Tea

James McCann

Timothy Carroll

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