The Drones + Snowman

Photographed The Drones and Perth band Snowman a couple of weeks ago at The Zoo. First time seen The Drones since they played at The Columbian with Darling Downs last September (I think). Photos here. Good to see they’ve picked up a lot more fans since then. Fantastic gig, especially Dan Luscombe’s guitar playing, which was sublime. Not been to The Zoo for a while and they’ve got rid of the spotlights they had at the front of the stage, so the lighting was a lot worse than it has been recently. The spots weren’t great as as soon as anyone on stage took a step back they plunged into darkness, but whilst they were at the front it was ok.

Didn’t really get anything I really liked of The Drones. Think I prefer some of the photos I got of Snowman.

One of the difficulties with photographing for print is that you know they’re only going to use a photo of the lead singer, so it can make you focus on them to the detriment of the rest of the band, and make you lazy once you feel you have something of the singer. The Zoo doesn’t have a pit so unless you want to wait front middle against the stage for at least 30 minutes between bands it’s easier to go to the side. This usually gives you clear shots of at least half the band usually, but then you need to run around to the other side and try and squeeze in right at the side if you want to try and get photos of the remainder of the band. Not easy when it’s a busy night, and it’s much easier to grab a drink or three, relax and enjoy the band…

A few photos below and a few more on flickr.

The Drones


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