The Mess Hall: He Bangs The Drum

One of life’s great joys is getting to photograph The Mess Hall every now and then. And forget about Jed; its all about Cec and his photogenic drumming skills. So it was pretty disappointing to end up with nothing much of the gig – a combination of darkness, being on the wrong side of the stage, not being at the front and too much punching-the-air-in-1980s-stadium-rock-awesomeness…

So to make up for that here’s some I prepared earlier…

From Falls 2005.

And from The Rev back in September 2005. Yay for film…..

The ones of Jed weren’t much better though… Next time, next time…

Brisbane band Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade were one of the support bands and depsite the noise I like this one:

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