The Sleepy Jackson + The Panda Band

Busy, busy weekend.

Friday night started early with photographing six bands at Valley Fiesta in Brunswick Street Mall, before a trip up the road to The Zoo for Sleepy Jackson and The Panda Band

Saturday was more Valley Fiesta stuff, including a nice front row seat for Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers (I like this not having the normal three song limit rubbish…) before the long and arduous 20m trek to Ric’s for Butcher Birds and Little Lovers.

And Sunday was a bit more of the Valley Fiesta, but mainly Black Fag at The Shamrock with Mean Streaks, I Hate Helsinki (better known as I Heart Hiroshima) and The Frou Frou Foxes. And then some much needed sleep.

Here are a few of the photos of Sleepy Jackson and The Panda Band from Friday night. You can see more here.

Sleepy Jackson

The Panda Band

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