The Steady As She Goes + Occults @ Black Bear Lodge, 13.02.2014

The Steady As She Goes @ Black Bear Lodge, Thursday 13 February 2014

I have the (not very good) photos to prove I was at this show but forgot to log it in my all-singing, all-dancing spreadsheet of gigs I have attended/photographed or write any notes about it.  It was only when I was doing some backing up and syncing of my hard drives that I stumbled across the photos and realised that I probably needed to post them up. But some 9 months after the event and with no notes to go on, there’s nothing to really add.

From memory it was a last minute decision as I’d been working late but had the next day off.  Not sure if there was a third act that opened the night, I’m guessing there probably was.  having just done a quick Google check it turns out there were another couple of acts that night; Kate Jacobson/Ola Karlsson and Ben Salter.  I’m guessing I made a snap decision that I probably already had enough photos of them…  Sorry guys.

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