theredsunband + Z Rays + Sienna @ The Globe

Sarah Kelly - theredsunband

theredsunband were one of the first batch of bands I saw when I first moved to Sydney, although I can’t remember the occasion. I know I saw them play at the album launch for their first album at @Newtwon in October 2004 with The Red Riders supporting, and think that my first time of seeing them might have been a combination of going predominantly to see the support band, aided by the fact that the venue was just up the road from where I was living in Enmore at the time.

Almost four years on and they’ve just released their second album and although there’s been a change in drummer, the sound is the same shoegazing, indie pop. On their Wikipeida page, one of their genres as listed as ‘Dream Pop’, which is an apt description. The main obvious drawback to a genre called ‘Dream Pop’ and one that definitively applies to theredsunband’s music is its soporific tendencies. The Globe is the obvious Brisbane venue for them to play, with everyone sat or lying on the floor and whilst there’s nothing wrong musically, there is a definite lack of visual engagement as far as the performance goes (especially with the only light being on singer/guitarist, Sarah Kelly). Even though they’re not an instrumental band, I think they would benefit greatly with some visuals, be it moving images projected onto a backdrop or something less high-tech like a liquid light show.


Sarah Kelly - theredsunband

Sarah Kelly - theredsunband

Sady Butcher Birds couldn’t play, and although The Gin Club were originally mooted as their replacements, in the end Z Rays took up the main support spot. They weren’t particularly exciting, with a Garage/Mersey Beat type sound and a similar rhythm for each song making their short set very monotonous. And not helped much by the centre-stage keyboardist/one drum drummer playing with one hand whilst holding his drink in the other…

Z Rays

The lovely Sienna, ex-Love Outside Andromeda opened the night with a mix of new and old songs and the odd cover. Sounded in really great form, although they probably shouldn’t have played PJ Harvey through the speakers straight after her set…

Sienna Lee

Some more photos on flickr.

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