This Is Not A Photo Opportunity – The Revamp

Largely based on what I’ve learnt putting together Collapse Board, I decided my own blog was well overdue for a bit of a revamp.  The trouble is that it makes the posts and photos from the last 4½ years look pretty terrible.  Maybe if I ever have the time I’ll go back and update all the archives, although it’s probably a bit unlikely that I’ll ever find the time to do it, at least any time soon.  In the short-term (hopefully), the blog will have to look a bit terrible anyway whilst I play around with the appearance and all the plug-ins and decide what I like.

In addition, I’m also having to admit defeat in trying to catch up on all the blog posts that I haven’t written.  In February I had an estimated 28 posts that needed to be written and although it got down to 18 at one point, it’s back up at an estimated 34 posts.  We’re now in Week 44 of the year and so far I’ve photographed 70 gigs/festivals and a total of 272 bands, which averages 1.59 gigs/week and a ridiculous 6.18 bands/week.  If you spend a couple of nights out at gigs, a couple more nights sorting out the photos, it doesn’t give you a whole lot of time to write blog posts and also do much else in the week, especially if you struggle to write words, like I do.  However, most of the photos from the year are done and so there will probably be a slew of blogs coming with just the photos and little, if any, in the way of words.  This way I’m hoping that I’ll be able to post up the All Tomorrow’s Parties photos from last December before I head back there a year later for the Bowlie 2 weekend and also have a fresh start 2011 without a huge backlog of photos and blogs to write.

Stay tuned.

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