Tim Rogers

Photographed Tim Rogers at The Powerhouse last week. Got there at 8:30pm and managed to only just get in time, having already missed The Hampdens, who were supporting.

Have experienced The Powerhouse before and it’s not the best for photographing. Was in the Powerhouse Theatre, which although an impressive room is always very dark. But, as experienced when I photographed Robert Forster there, the rules are that you aren’t allowed to photograph from in front of anyone, meaning you either photograph from ther aisle at the side of the stage or from right at the back of the auditorium, both of which are some way from the centre of the stage.

Did the first 3ish from the side of the stage and then went and sat at the back to enjoy the show, and took a few long range, wide angles shots whilst sat down there. Decided to photograph the encore from the other side of the stage.

Really enjoyed the show but the photos weren’t the best, which is disappointing as I put in for it because I really like photographing Tim Rogers – as a photograper he gives you a lot to work with, and have taken some really nice photos of him with You Am I, at last year’s Falls Festival, and with Tex Perkins, at last year’s Valley Fiesta. Still, always next time, and see that You Am I are playing at The Zoo in mid-November…

Some photos here and more on flickr.

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