New Toy

When I was away working in Bendigo last month I was having a walk around at lunch and, as I was passing, decided to pop into Cash Converters and see if they had anything interesting/cheap.

So it was a bit of a surprise to see this: A Minolta f2.8 28 – 70.

Obviously being a Minolta they don’t make them anymore, but when they did they were (from what I’ve been able to find out on the internet) in the region of US$1400 and they’ve kept their value for are still going second hand for about US$1000 on eBay. Mine for A$165.  Ah, the joys of not having a Canikon and being able to get absolute bargains second hand.  And what’s probably even better (if it were possible), is that whoever used to own it obviously had it hidden at the back of their den for about the last 10 years and it has a really nice overpowering smell of tobacco.  Almost enough to convince me to start smoking… almost.

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