Twitter Updates for 2008-08-03

  • Splendour In The Grass – Saturday Round Up: One day down, one to go.  It was a long hard day.  To bed at 1.. #
  • Ended up seeing Yves Klein Blue again. Still not overly impressed. Should have gone to Little Red instead. #
  • OMG somebody please storm the sound desk and smash the Coldplay CD! #
  • Van She. Horrible. #
  • The kids love Vampire Weekend. One day they look back and be embarrassed… #
  • Laura Marling. Nice. Pulled a pretty big crowd. Only so many photos you can take though… #
  • The Wombats pull the biggest crowd of the w.e so far. The kids love ’em… #
  • Great. Security not letting photographers into the pit on the Mclennan stage again. A few Paul Dempsey shots from the crowd… #
  • Having seen Patience dressed up as Batman has given me a new spring in my step. #
  • Robert Forster playing Clouds and Headfull of Steam to a tiny crowd is a tragedy. #
  • The Vines. Still not as good as Violent Soho are they? #
  • NYPC too hard to photograph. Fingers crossed for something in focus. #
  • All over. Download photos, bed, up at 6am again to edit photos. Joy. #
  • For Wolfmother review please see 2004. #

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3 Responses to “Twitter Updates for 2008-08-03”

  1. Ha…Harsh but fair!

  2. Stephen says:

    I just re-read my 2006 review of Wolfmother … and, seriously, exactly the same this time round. Same set order, same flaws, same highlights. I really could have re-used it for the Fasterlouder review this year and no-one would have noticed.

  3. Justin says:

    At least you can say you were there at the end… I did lol at the “musical differences’ being cited as one of the reasons why Chris Ross left. Maybe he didn’t really like Led Zep or Sabbath all this time…

    Although I heard a few months ago that Andrew Stockdale had been recording demos with Dave Atkins of Resin Dogs, so maybe he was looking to take them in hip-hop direction…

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