Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30

  • Thinks it might have stopped raining enough to venture out to Global Gathering. Wish me luck… #
  • Not happy. Waited 25 mins for train, they did a very last min platform change thanks to which i’ve got another 30 min wait… #
  • Finally on train. Have missed 2 bands wanted to photo. The orb + potbelleez. Sky looking very black… #
  • Hmmm. The mud has that v fest effluent smell. And thanks to someone jumping in it i’m splattered with it… #
  • Ok. So the timetable i’ve got is completely wrong. And no one knows what’s going on. What is it with festival organisation..? #
  • Wow. Kraftwerk are playing this tiny tent. Wish i had a wider lens… #
  • And surprise fucking surprise. I haven’t got the right pass or wristband to get into the photo pit… #
  • Back to the gate, a nice new green wristband, back to the stage and guess what? It’s still not the right one.. #
  • Got the right pass but not in time for the 1st 3 Gorillaz songs. Out of 5 bands i wanted to photo have missed 3… #
  • Woo. Photographed 1st act of the day. Mark Ronson. We’re on a roll… #
  • Ok. So i want to buy a bottle of water which is a rip off at $5 but have to buy a ticket with a min spend of $10. Evil genius at work… #
  • Doing socials to pass time. Man, i used to be cool… Much Lol at dilated pupils… #
  • Kraftwerk due in 15. You could prob squeeze the crowd into the zoo. I dunno. The youth of today… #
  • Gah. Denied pit access for kraftwerk. Told front of house. Mixing desk know nothing about it. Shoot from crowd 🙁 #
  • Kraftwerk are amazing tho. Guess no pit = no 3 song limit. Bring on them robots for the encore! #
  • And by the encores – we are the robots and music non stop – you could have fitted the audience into the zoo… #

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2 Responses to “Twitter Updates for 2008-11-30”

  1. scot says:

    “# And by the encores – we are the robots and music non stop – you could have fitted the audience into the zoo… #”

    yep that’s a dissappointment indeed. we got a couple of gurners over on our side of the stage who were completely confused by the lack of 1,000,000 bpm progressive trance or sumfink. as my friend said “sasha’s that way mate” (pointing to the back of the tent).

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks to the comment Scot. .

    Yeah, it’s disappointing because being such a seminal electronic band they should be playing to bigger crowd, although I’m not sure that they were the right headline act for a dance festival like Global Gathering(however, surprising it may seem). I had a look on the inthemix thread for the festival and it was a bit depressing how the majority of posters seemed to be raving (no pun intended…) about some DJs playing some records.

    But I guess having said about it being a disappointment, it did feel like a privilege seeing them at such close quarters in an intimate environment. And you could tell from the crowd reaction what it meant to the people who did see that show; it was one of those special performances that just stays with you for a long time.

    BTW this was just a mini-review from my twitter posts for the day. There is a proper blog and photos on their way, hopefully sometime soon.

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