V Festival 2007

Went to both V Festivals last weekend – Sydney as punter with friends and photographing at Gold Coast on the Sunday. Only just made it out the house though. Had food poisoning on Thursday night after eating out in the Valley and came this close >-< to not going down to Sydney, especially when was on my hands and knees on the platform of the domestic terminal train station throwing my guts up onto the train line…

Took it easy on the Saturday, feeling like death, not drinking and not having the energy to do much other than lie there and face in the general direction of the stage.  Finally got back at 2:30am and was then awake at about 5:45am thanks to the flight path over Newtown… At Sydney Airport for 9am, first meal since Thursday night (breakfast at McDonald’s…), and sat amongst Gnarls Barkley’s band for the flight up to Coolangatta (flying Jet Star, the cheapskates… Cee-Lo was sat at the back but didn’t see Danger Mouse).

It then took the best part of two hours to get the buses to do the 30km the venue.  And then it was raining when got there…

Better venue than Centennial Park in Sydney, better sound and a lot more manageable, even with no energy and still feeling like crap.  Wasn’t drinking so didn’t have to watch the bands from a cage… The backstage bar was the worst place ever though… to call it c*nt soup would do a terrible dis-service to c*nt and soup…

Five cans of Red Bull just about kept me going through the day, although I still felt like death, and not even that was enough to keep me awake on the 1:45hrs train journey back to Brisbane.  (Is no one able to organise a major festival in Australia’s 3rd biggest city?)

After all that, the photos are a bit meh.  Just didn’t have the energy or mental effort to really do a really good job and get the photos I was really after.  C’est la vie.  Thanks to the Pet Shop Boys as well for only allowing us to photograph from the far side of the pit (no photos from in front of them…) and then starting so late that by the time got to the other stage only got one song for Pixies…

Photos here.

The Temper Trap


The Valentinos

Nouvelle Vague

New York Dolls

Gnarls Barkley

Jarvis Cocker

The Rapture


Pet Shop Boys


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