2011 Photo Passes and Tickets

Another year has rolled around to the seventh anniversary of blogging.

In those seven years I have written 495 with this post now being Number 496.  It’s been a slow year of 45 published posts, especially when you consider that this time last year I was reporting a really productive year of 88 published posts over the previous 12 month period.  There was a point in the middle of last year where I did get completely up-to-date but have fallen behind once again, so much so that although it’s nearly the end of March I still haven’t put together my round-up of 2012 (or even taken a photo of my 2012 photo passes and tickets, hence last year’s photo).

Currently there’s a backlog of more than 20 posts that I’ve got to put together.  A lot of those are multi-part festival posts and, for the majority, drafts consisting of extensive notes have been prepared and just need to be formed into something readable.

Soon (maybe).

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