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Masters of Music Photography: Part 4 – Anton Corbijn

Although I wouldn’t strictly describe Anton Corbijn as a music photographer, even though it was where he started, his photography has always been a huge inspiration and has a large part to play in me wanting to do music photography. U2 were the first band I really got into and saw in concert, Cardiff Arms […]

Masters of Music Photography: Part 3 – Gered Mankowitz

Although I have some albums with Gered Mankowitz covers, including Kate Bush’s ‘Lionheart’ and he is probably best know for his cover for the Rolling Stones album ‘Between the Buttons’, his live work was something that I was largely introduced to when he had an exhibition of his Rolling Stones photos at the Proud Gallery […]

Masters of Music Photography: Part 2 – Herman Leonard

Although I started off this theme of blog postings with Steve Gullick, that was largely as a result of his new exhibition in London and the associated interviews and write-ups that he was getting. Although he is one of my favourite music photographers, the true number one spot should go to a photographer who I […]

Masters of Music Photography: Part 1 – Steve Gullick

I have been recently drafting a blog for future publication about some of my favourite music photographers. However, I saw that one of the biggest influences on my photography, Steve Gullick, has got an exhibition on at the moment in the Rough Trade East shop in London. As such, there are quite a few recent […]