+1 Records Showcase @ The Zoo

The +1 Records showcase at The Zoo provided a chance to catch up some local bands that I hadn’t seen for a while.

Having said that, Black Mustang were one of those bands that I had never gotten around to seeing, although they had one of the best songs on the Brisbane Sounds 2009 compilation, ‘Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea‘.  As it’s the only song of theirs that I know it’s the obvious highight in their set. 

The Blackwater Fever disappointed me when I saw them last time at Brisbane Sounds 2009, mainly because I think there are better two-pieces covering similar ground.  Tonight they frustrate me by playing in near darkness with no front lighting and very little back lighting, meaning that their set becomes an exercise in trying to second guess when there might be an occasional flash of light in which to take a photo. 

I can’t remember the last time that I’d seen Mexico City, but have a feeling that it might have been at The Rev, a venue that became an R&B club at least a couple of years ago.  There’s been a change in their line-up, with Tanzie from Giants of Science now playing bass for them and they seem to have a lot harder sound than I remember them having but maybe I wasn’t paying full attention, concentrating on trying to get some decent photos at the usually poorly lit Rev.

I have always enjoyed Rollerball when I’ve seen them, the last time being at the Ding Dong in Melbourne last year.   As well as being a showcase for their record label, the band is also launching their new album, ‘Submarine‘, tonight and so play a fairly substantial set, although I think it’s probably too long and they would have been better off playing a shorter, punchier set.  More photos from the night on Flickr.


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