Philadelphia Grand Jury + DZ @ The Troubadour

I put in to cover this show more for another chance to see DZ play as opposed to getting to photograph the headline act.  They had their strobe out in force again so took the opportunity to play around with long exposures again, as I had when I’d seen them before.  I was less lazy than I normally am and moved around the stage more than last time.  Ended up pretty happy with the photos that I got; I think they are a better set than last time

I don’t know who does Philadelphia Grand Jury’s press but they definitely deserve some sort of award.  They’ve been inescapable over the last few months, be it in the press, on TV, on the radio, all over the internet, just everywhere, culminating in a nomination for album of the year from Triple J and a Top 10 placing in Mess+Noise’s 2009 critic’s poll.  And whilst they’re not a bad band, they’re not a great band and somewhat undeserving of all the attention that has been paid to them, although ‘The Good News’ is a great track.

Much is made of their live show and again it’s alright but nothing outstanding.  Having said that I leave at the start of the encore (being a Thursday night and with the photos due in the morning) and miss bassist MC Bad Genius stripping down to his underwear, which all the following week’s street press publications make a note of focussing on.  So maybe taking your trousers off is the key to success in the modern music industry…

More photos on Flickr.

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