Buck 65 + Warhol = $20

Another day, another gig and so second gig of the year was on 4th January: Buck 65 at GoMA – Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art – as part of their Andy Warhol Up Late season.

It’s a great concept; $20 for the Warhol exhibition and the gig and get to avoid all the kids who are at the exhibition during the day time. Also it finishes at 9:30pm so you’ve still got time to head back to the Valley for more music. Bit of a strange venue with it being cavernous and somewhat sterile compared to the normal spit and sawdust joint you’d probably go and see small gigs at but it worked well for Buck 65, possibly as it was just him, laptop and possibly some decks (couldn’t see probably so not sure if the scratching was vinyl or electonic. Not sure how it will sound with a full band with drums though. There’s some good stuff coming up there though in the coming weeks including New Buffalo, Ed Kuepper, Caribou, and Trans Am so I think I’ll be back there at some point.

Having berated Girl Talk a bit in the last blog for being one man and his laptop, although it was the same for Buck 65 you got more of a human element from his rapping and inter-song chat than with a laptop-based DJ. Not really a huge hip hop fan but again it was a recommendation from someone and I liked the stuff that is up on his myspace site.

Lighting was pretty good if a bit all over the place, which is why some of the photos are a bit blown out on one side of his face. If you went to the side of the stage you could get his relection in the glass and got a couple of nice shots from there. As it was only one guy didn’t take that many shots so some here and a few more on flickr.


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