Mashing it up with Girl Talk

Back to Brisbane after New Year in Sydney and straight back into it with the first gig of the year on the 3rd Januray: Girl Talk at The Zoo.

Came from a recomendation from someone I know who is into his dance music. Call me old fashioned but I still don’t really get the whole thing about one guy and a laptop. Sure, it’s clever in the first instance, creating a load of music that relies on different samples from some well known and some less well know songs but it gets lost in translation to a live show when it’s a guy pressing keys on his laptop keyboard. Also, with him playing so many mainstream loops it almost became like one of those really dire megamix 7″ singles – am trying to repress memories of a Beatles one and an Abba one that I have heard in the past….

I think the Zoo people were freaking out with all the people on stage which was far enough when the people on the drum riser on the stage started crowd surfing. It’s a long way to the ground when you’re an additional 6ft above the stage…

Was hard to photograph with half the audience on stage. I felt a bit sorry for him as a couple of people on stage seemed to spend half the gig with their camera phones about 6″ from his face. Having said that in retrospect I probably should have joined in the dash for the stage before security stopped letting people get up and done the same…

Took some photos from the step up to the mixing desk but you couldn’t really see the laptop he was using very well above the heads of the people at the front. Also tried to get some shots where he was lit up by his laptop screen; the trouble with this is that it’s not very bright, meaning a low shutter speed and you have to wait until he moves his face close into the screen and stays still.

Some photos here and a few more on flickr.

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