A New Beginning

Whilst I have been writing a regular music photo blog on myspace for much of the last two years – you can check it out here – I thought it was about time that I went out on my own, went a bit more legitimate/professional and set up my own blog. 

So welcome to ‘This Is Not A Photo Opportunity’.

I stole the title from Banksy.  I think it was Rankin who said something like ‘amateurs borrow, professionals steal’…..

It’s hard coming up with domain names these days; all the clever/witty/cool/obvious domain names with anything to do with music and photography are long since taken.  So this was the best one that I managed to come up with over the course of the last few days and I like the simplicity of www.notaphoto.com.  Obviously what I do IS a photo opportunity so it also has something of a memorable stupidly about it.

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