60 seconds with Beyonce

Originally we were told we would get 2 songs from the mixing desk.  On the train out to the BEC got a phone call from the Sony rep to say this had now become 60 seconds from the mixing desk – as in the roughly 60 seconds it took Beyonce to walk to the centre of the stage and stand there and take the audience’s acclaim.  As soon as the first song started we were to be escorted out.  60 seconds, no songs.  Apparently someone wasn’t happy with the photos that had been published from the night before’s gig in Sydney.  Because giving us worst conditions to shoot under makes for better photos, obviously…

Rave gave me a ticket so got to see the show (the seat was much closer than where we were photographing from…).  And it was a fantastic show.  A 13 piece band and 10 dancers would have made for great photos.  And the ridiculous thing was that even after 1 3/4 hours of singing/dancing Beyonce look amazing; not a hair out of place and I don’t think she had even broken sweat.

Didn’t have the advantage that the newspaper guys did of being able to pop into the store room and pick up a f2.8 400mm lens… so the photos were just about ok but nothing special.

At least the photo pass was nice.  Am guessing that the photo on it might have taken more than 60 seconds to get…

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