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Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 26.02.2014

If not for a 10 day sojourn to the UK in August, this would have been the Gig Of The Year. I also saw the last Springsteen show at the BEC in March 2013, less than 12 months ago, and as good as that was, this was another level. For the 2013 tour I didn’t […]

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre, 26.02.2014: On Film

In retrospect, taking a roll of film during one of my three song allocation for Bruce Springsteen wasn’t the best use of my time. Given this was a sound desk shoot, or at least the equivalent as we were right out at the side of the floor space, positioned on the steps up to the next […]

Nicki Minaj @ BEC, 19.05.2012

You look at photos or videos of Nicki Minaj and you think “That’s got to be fun to photograph”. I mean it just has to be really, doesn’t it? How could it fail? It has to be worth a 75 minute each way trip all the way out to Boondall, even if it’s only for […]

Duran Duran @ BEC, 17.03.2012

Although I don’t really put in for many shows at the BEC (it’s such a long way to go to hang around waiting for a band and then get kicked out after three songs and have to come all the way back again) I just really fancied covering Duran Duran for a bit of old time nostalgia. […]

Kylie Minogue + Gypsy & The Cat @ BEC, 03.06.2011

I never expected to get assigned to this in a million years. When the concert calendar for the fortnight was emailed out it included a whole list of shows that had already been assigned, including tonight’s show, and a note not to ask to cover these shows. The first email was followed up slightly later […]

Spandau Ballet + Tears For Fears @ The BEC 27-04-10

If you’d told me 25 years ago that one day I’d be photographing Spandau Ballet and Tears For Fears I would never have believed you.  (And then I probably would have gone “Spandau Ballet? Ugh!”).  But that’s what I find myself doing tonight at the BEC (my first time photographing at the venue since John […]

John Mellencamp + Sheryl Crow @ BEC

I’ve previously blogged that photographing big name acts at big venues just isn’t all that… and the artist formally know as John Cougar Mellencamp, i.e. John Mellencamp, supported by Sheryl Crow at the Brisbane Exhibition Centre was another one of those nights.  I think I first heard John Mellencamp back in the mid-1980s on Entertainment USA […]

Def Leppard @ BEC

Love is like a bomb, baby, c’mon get it on Livin’ like a lover with a radar phone Lookin’ like a tramp, like a video vamp Demolition woman, can I be your man? Razzle ‘n’ a dazzle ‘n’ a flash a little light Television lover, baby, go all night Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet Little […]

Heaven & Hell

Heaven and Hell played at the BEC back in mid-August. Had the usual palaver getting to the BEC on the train with the building work at Brunswick Street so made sure I got there really early. Went for a walk around and a drink when I got there to kill time and managed to miss […]

The Cure

Photographing big name acts at big venues just isn’t all that… BEC is out of town so via the train and thanks to the redevelopment work at Brunswick Street Station it takes me about an hour to get there door-to-door. You’re given a time to be there which is always ages from when they take […]

60 seconds with Beyonce

Originally we were told we would get 2 songs from the mixing desk.  On the train out to the BEC got a phone call from the Sony rep to say this had now become 60 seconds from the mixing desk – as in the roughly 60 seconds it took Beyonce to walk to the centre […]