Andrew Morris + Texas Tea @ The Globe

It’s the first time I’ve seen Texas Tea since their album launch back at the end of November. After an all-star cast that night, it’s back to just Kate and Ben tonight. The band sound as good as ever though. Having photographed them on so many occasions, including my very first gig as a Brisbane resident when they supported Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side along with The Exiles at The Troubadour, I really need to start experimenting with different ways of photographing them, something more than just the standard editorial photo approach, although I’m just not sure what direction to take. Playing sat down makes it hard to really vary the angles, especially when there’s microphone stands and tambourine/hi-hat stands obscuring them, there’s obviously not going to be any action shots, and the only real thing I can think of to play around with is different processes. But having done a lot of this with the band I need to find something new to do; maybe I need to think about a much more abstract approach. Will think about it some more.

Although I’ve seen Andrew Morris‘s name around a lot, on numerous gig bills and in street press interviews and reviews, tonight is the first time I get to see him play. It’s a shame it’s taken me this long to get around to seeing him, as it’s a really enjoyable gig; he’s got a really fantastic voice and an excellent collection of songs. The only disappointment from the night is that there’s a criminally small crowd here to see him launch his latest album; it’s disappointing as it’s a Thursday night, and I was under the impression that Thursday is the new Friday, and even more disappointing as he’s also playing his home patch tonight.

It’s pretty tough trying to photograph him however; there’s a lot of backlighting, with smoke also being blasted out from the venue’s smoke machine, and although he roams the stage, he tends to keep to the shadows. The best photos come during the songs when he plays guitar and is tied to his microphone more than when he’s just singing.

Some more photos on flickr.

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  1. i prefer it just the two

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