ATP – In Between Days 2009: APSE + Sleepy Sun + Deerhoof + Polvo, 11-12-2009

File under ‘Better Late Than Never (Maybe): Part 4.

For the final day of In Between Days there’s a change from the Wild West theme pub stylings of Crazy Horse to the much larger Red’s bar.  Although a few more people have turned up a day early for the 10 Days of ATP weekend, moving to the larger space only reinforces the sparseness of the crowd but at least provides a change of scenery, with much more in the way of distractions (i.e. arcade games) in Red’s.

Deerhoof were always one of those bands that I’d heard of but never heard.  I don’t know if I just made a lazy connection and had lumped them in with the likes of Deerhunter or maybe I just got confused about who was who.  But then tonight I saw them and was completely blown away.  I still don’t own any of their albums, couldn’t tell you the names of any of their songs, let alone hum/sing you a single note by them and would have to use Google to tell you the names of any of the people in the band, but if they were playing in Brisbane tomorrow I’d be cancelling any arranged plans just to be there.

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