ATP – In Between Days 2009: Om + Bardo Pond + Mum + Growing, 10-12-2009

File under ‘Better Late Than Never (Maybe): Part 3’.

One of the disappointing things about In Between Days was that there wasn’t a lot to do during the days whilst waiting for the bands to start in the evening.  With only 100 or so people on site most of the facilities were closed; no swimming pool, no bar, no 10 pin bowling, no pool tables.  Luckily the organisers did put a few things on the ATP TV channel although these tended to be a continuous loop for much of the day.  The Wednesday was different in that they had organised a steam train for the afternoon to take us along the coast, with silent disco provided, a bar on the train and a stop for mulled wine before returning back to Minehead.  Before the train journey they also did a group photo using a large glass plate camera and a long exposure (more than a minute from memory).  Not sure what happened to the photo they took, can’t remember ever seeing it.

Out of the all the nights, this was the most disappointing other than Mum there was nothing that really wanted to see and it was all a bit too post-rock/drone/noise for me.  The numbers seemed even less than the other nights so either other people felt the same or they decided to have a quiet night after the day out.  Enjoyed seeing Mum but ended up staying for a bit of Om before heading back to the chalet.  Six days in a row of a music festival was beginning to take its toll, even with the benefits of a nice chalet instead of the more regular festival camping experience.

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