Babaganouj + Flowertruck + Statler & Waldorf @ The Brightside, 20.03.2015


I wanted to go and see Babaganouj again as I hadn’t seen them for ages but just did this show as a pay on the door, rather than actually trying to sort out accreditation. I still feel that if a band is charging less than $15 or so that I should just pay to go rather than get a freebie. It’s probably an old fashioned stance but supporting local scenes financially is important and when you’ve got a local band playing, there’s always going to be a lot more people wanting to get on the guest list.

It’s my first time to The Brightside since it’s been The Brightside. I didn’t move to Brisbane until after it had stopped being a venue and was just being used as a nightclub, although I think I did photograph here one year when Big Sound used it as a venue. The lighting is terrible though and it feels like there’s a competition between venues as to which one can have the worst stage lighting. In terms of the venues I’ve photographed at in 2015, I’d say it’s a close call between The Brightside and Crowbar. At least The Brightside has more space and a view of the stage if you’re more than a couple of rows back. Further experience throughout the rest of 2015 confirms that Crowbar is the worst venue. I keep on wishing bands I like and/or want to see didn’t play there.

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