Sonic Masala 2015 @ Greenslopes Bowls Club, 14.03.2015: Part 2

Screamfeeder @ Sonic Masala Fest 2015, Greenslopes Bowls Club, Saturday 14 March 2015

I’m there for the duration but throughout the day, the numbers ebb and flow. I guess it helps that Greenslopes isn’t too far away from where I live and I’m used to photographing music festivals from first to last.

I think a lot of people headed off early to catch Oblivians play their first show in Brisbane, and I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t head along to see them, even though the rest of day continues to be good. Following on from Part 1 and saying Sonic Masala doesn’t do lowlights, I guess being so far out of the Valley, if only for one day, means missing out on anything happening there, rather than being able to duck out and move between venues easily when there’s something else on somewhere else. Although I can’t remember exactly, I have a feeling that there was a similar clash of events last year.

Considering lowlights  bit more, the other one is the lighting at the Bowls Club; it’s not great. It’s all back lighting on the main stage, meaning glare issues and low shutter speeds to compensate for lack of front lighting, while the smaller floor stage has limited additional lighting and photographing relies a lot on the ambient lighting.

The 2016 Sonic Masala Fest has just been announced and the line-up shows it’s going to be another great day of music.

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