Big Sound 2009 – Friday

Robert Schneider

Friday was the last day of the conference.  No live music and just a half day (luckily the afternoon session) photographing the Master Classes, seminars and Keynote Interviews.  Was busy editing the photos first thing so unfortunately missed Glenn Wheatley‘s Keynote Address, which by all accounts was excellent.  The easy highlight of the day was the final sesssion; Time Off‘s Steve Bell’s ‘interview’ with Robert Schneider.  I say ‘interview’ as I think Steve managed to ask about two questions but that was more than enough for Robert to talk about for the 30 minutes long interview.  Hugely entertaining and inspiring; you’d be hard-pushed to find someone so passionate about making music.

The three day Big Sound conference was a complete blast and I’m already looking forward to the 2010 conference.

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