Heaven & Hell

Heaven and Hell played at the BEC back in mid-August. Had the usual palaver getting to the BEC on the train with the building work at Brunswick Street so made sure I got there really early. Went for a walk around and a drink when I got there to kill time and managed to miss the opportunity to photograph Down, the main support band… and the show was running about 30 minutes late so was the usual hanging around.

But eventually the show started. It was the first time that seen any incarnation of Sabbath so was really looking forward to it. Only got to see the first three songs but was quite humbling to be stood there in front of Tony Iommi. The crowd love him and the way he nodded his head in appreciation in thanks when they were chanting his name or applauding his playing was cool. And his playing was awesome. The lighting was surprisingly poor, which was annoying as really wanted to get a decent photo of his left hand with the attachments on his two missing finger tips.

Dio was great; saw on Wikipedia that he’s 65, which is pretty incredible. He might look scary and dress badly but he sang and performed fantastically. Never been that bothered about seeing the Ozzy-fronted Sabbath line up as would be worried that it would be far to close to pantomime these days. Given how good they sounded at this gig not sure if tonight made me more keen or not.  I guess it would mean that I would get the chance to photograph Bill Ward…

A few photos below and more on flickr.

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