Inland Sea @ Woodland, 30.10.2010

I didn’t put in to cover this but instead went along as a paying punter and took my camera to get a few quick shots during the few couple of songs as it was the bands CD launch. The first time I saw Inland Sea I was totally blown away but disappointingly I don’t think I’ve ever seen them be as good since. A lot of this has had to do with the quality of the sound, with the sound for all the bands playing the Light Space show being exceptionally good. With The Troubadour only weeks from closing, this was the night that confirmed that Woodland was not going to be “the new Troubadour”, with the sound leaking from the Mustang Bar underneath the venue putting paid to that idea, and making it obvious that this would not be a venue for quiet soft and gentle acoustic bands, at least not on a Friday or Saturday night.

It seemed a bit strange to have your first EP launch but only charge $5 for a copy though. ┬áThe capitalist in me would have thought that you’re never going to have as good a chance to bring in some money when you first release your debut recordings than at the launch show.

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