Mogwai + Mick Turner @ The Tivoli, 04.03.2015

Mogwai @ The Tivoli, Wednesday 4 March 2015

I’ve seen Mogwai a number of festivals but only for a handful of songs before needing to go and photograph another band on a different stage at the other end of the festival site. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a complete set, which makes tonight a special event. It’s disappointing that the lights are set really low and the photos aren’t very good. Looking at them in preparing this post, I’m slightly shocked at the quality of them. I guess this is the problem when you try to take a well-rounded gallery that features photos of all the members of the band rather than just the main focus point, guitarist Stuart Braithewaite in this case.

The Mick Turner support set was another reason to apply for accreditation for the show. I think every times I’ve seen him play a solo set, it’s just been him on his own, but tonight he has Bedroom Sucks’ Joe Alexander accompanying him on drums and drops a Dirty Three song, in the form of ‘Deep Waters’ into his performance. Every time he plays a show in Brisbane, I hope that he brings some of his art to sell at the merch desk so I can add some more prints to my collection, but sadly this time around he’s just brought merch related to his newly released and excellent Don’t Tell The Driver album.

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