The day after The Drones it was off to The Met for Regurgitator’s album launch gig. Always expect the worst for Sunday night gigs but was already a fairly big queue down the street when I turned up. First time that been to The Met – nice venue, probably similar to the floor size of The Zoo but with balconies on either side. Meant that you could photograph the bands from up high, looking down on them. No pit, but that’s not much of a surprise in Brisbane.

Regurgitator were, as ever, on top form. Fourth time that I’ve seen them after the Angel Street party on the last election night, at Valley Fiesta in 2006 and at Pig City earlier this year, and they’ve never disappointed. Easily one of the best bands in Australia, with a fantastic set of songs.

The lighting was all over the place; lots of backlighting, lots of red and blue, green lasers, lighting that were very ‘dotty’ on everyone, plus the smoke machine was in overdrive at certain points. All good stuff from a gig going point of view but not great for photographing. So, at the gig it just didn’t feel like I was getting anything that was any good and photographing from a very bouncy crowd didn’t help. But when got back and had a look at the photos was pleasantly surprised. Got some stuff that I quite liked.

New Pants and I Heart Hiroshima supported.

A few photos below and a lot more on flickr.


New Pants

I Heart Hiroshima

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