Pauhaus Festival

W/e before last was Pauhaus. No quick way in so had to queue up for 35 minutes so whilst got to see second half of Violent Soho’s set missed my 3 songs to photograph them in. Considering how good the lighting rigs are on all three stages at The Powerhouse the lighting wasn’t as good as hoped it would have been. The main stage had a massive wall of backlighting that just seemed to be in your face all the time and the smoke machine behind the drum kit meant drummer photos were difficult. Then the smoke just seemed to drift at head height across the stage to cover the rest of the band….

Also was feeling tired and uninspired so worst photos taken in a long, long time. That’s just how it is sometimes….

Ed Kuepper was the highlight of the day. Had never seen him before. Really, really want a photo pass for Pig City now…. [Edit: And even more so having seen The Apartments last night]. So if anyone knows of anyone wanting some photos done of the day point them in my direction….

Some photos here and some photos here

Some of the (possibly) better photos…

Yves Klein Blue

Operator Please

Whons Phreely


Dave McCormack

The Panics

Ed Kuepper

The Grates

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