Zombie Ghost Train + The Wrath

Last Saturday night was Zombie Ghost Train and The Wrath at The Globe. Was a toss up between that and Vasco Era at The Zoo. Seen TVE a couple times before (supporting Gomez, Falls Festival) and although really impressive live and good to photograph, was a bit disappointed with the album, plus not seen ZGT before. Good night. Took ’til about Tuesday to feel better…. Love photographing bands like The Wrath. Loads of fun, they give you loads to work with. It’s why I like photographing Overcranked so much. ZGT were cool to photograph too, although shooting from the middle of the mosh pit can be a bit problematic. Looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully somewhere with a proper photo pit…

Dumped a load of photos on flickr.

The Wrath

Zombie Ghost Train

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  1. Not sure why the drummer insisted on putting his sticks in my arse before playing… but it works for him… and it works for me.

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