Photos in Rolling Stone Australia RS700

Rolling Stone Australia - RS 700

I’ve got a couple of photos in this month’s Rolling Stone Australia (RS700, The First Annual Awards Issue), one of the Dirty Three and one of The Drones.  Both photos are from All Tomorrow’s Parties at Minehead from last December; the Dirty Three photo from the Inbetween Days festival, when they played an amazing, unrehearsed, impromptu run through of ‘Horse Stories’ for the 100 or so people that stayed on for the days between the two weekend festivals and The Drones photo from their set at the 10 Years of ATP weekend, when they played a brutal set that other than The Minatour and Jezebel, largely ignored their last couple of albums.

I will get around to blogging about those 10 days in Minehead at some point but in the meantime the Dirty Three photos and The Drones photos from those two sets are on Flickr.

Dirty Three - Rolling Stone Australia RS700

Dirty Three

The Drones - Rolling Stone Australia RS700

The Drones

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  1. Lillian Li says:

    Your so rock and roll !

  2. Am I allowed to comment on the use of 'your' vs 'You're'?

  3. I am very impressed. Shine taken off by your unnecessary comment to Lillian. KX

  4. Ah, Lillian loves me lots so I can be extra cheeky with her!

  5. Amanda Wills says:

    I bet she wouldn't let Staps get away with it though!

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