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Violent Soho + Scul Hazzards + Butcher Birds + The Seizures @ The Zoo 24-07-10

Three of Brisbane’s best bands, three bands I’ve photographed and blogged about so many times it’s hard to know what else I can say (plus opening band The Seizures, who I’d never seen before but who had my ears ringing well before the end of their set and me reaching for my ear plugs, a […]

Butcher Birds + Sixfthick + Loomer + Dirty Bird @ The Zoo

It seems to have taken forever and a day ( a bit like this post), but finally we got there; the Butcher Birds‘ début album launch, just about 3½ years to the very day from their very first gig at The Rev on Sunday 2 April 2006.  Way back then, with half the band being fairly new to […]

Screamfeeder + Midget + Butcher Birds @ The Troubadour

Even at the time, 1996 was one of the best years of my life: my PhD was beginning to take shape but was in a worry free stage, still years away from having to write up a thesis, living in an amazing share house with great friends, a beautiful hot summer, a feast of football on […]

MereNoise Xmas Party

When you’ve got a new camera to test out for the first time, there has to be no better place to take it into battle than the original scene of the crime, every Brisbane photographer’s favourite venue, the black hole that sucks all the light out of the universe, The Troubadour, where MereNoise were holding […]

Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 2

Managed to finish going through some of the backlog of photos over Xmas, starting with the Saturday of the Butcher Birds in Melbourne back in September. Not much happened on the Saturday – a day of relaxing after having gotten up at 4:30am the day before to get the plane down, running around Melbourne all […]

SixFtHick Album Launch

Hope that one day will get to photograph sixfthick (a) with good lighting; (b) with a photo pit. Hope that one day will get to photograph Scul Hazzards with (a) some lighting…I did wuss out of standing against the stage (unlike last album launch….) but probably ended up in up the worst of the mosh […]

Butcher Birds Do Melbourne – Part 1

At the end of August ended up flying down to Melbourne and hanging out with the Butcher Birds for a couple days. Was much fun, even if there was nowhere near enough sleep, largely due to getting the 0615 flight down and having an action packed Friday which ended with the 2am show at The […]

Quick Catch-up, with Robert Forster + Young & Restless + Butcher Birds

Been doing too much photographing and not enough updating stuff recently… The week after Pig City photographed Robert Forster who was playing a residency at The Powerhouse, doing a different album in full each night for 4 nights with the line-up that recorded each album. Originally put in for final night when he was playing […]

MereNoise Meltdown

Had a great night at the MereNoise Meltdown festival at The Globe at the start of the month (2 June). Load of photos on Rave’s website and dumped bigger versions on flickr. The flickr shots are as I intended them to be; had to reshape them for Rave after they had initially been done. The […]


Some photos from the first night of LadyFest at The Powerhouse in Brisbane a few weeks back – Erase Errata, Macromantics, I Heart Hiroshima and Butcher Birds.  A few more here. Butcher Birds I Heart Hiroshima Macromantics Erase Errata

Howling Bells + Other Stuff

The usual weekend last weekend – out drinking and seeing bands.  Thought I’d better stick some up here before I go out and do it all again this weekend… So here’s some photos of Howling Bells and Bit By Bats from the Columbian Bar on Saturday night, Wolf & Cub and Butcher Birds from The […]

Side Effects + Butcher Birds Photos

Been a long few weeks with too much proper work and far too much overtime but decided I needed a bit of a break today so sorted out the photos of Butcher Birds at The Rev and Side Effects at Ric’s from couple of Fridays ago. The next few weeks are going to be bad […]

Butcher Birds

Did some photos of the Butcher Birds at their first ever gig at The Rev a couple of weeks ago Check them out over at their myspace site: Butcher Birds