Bill Callahan

Bill Callahan / smog / (smog) or whatever he’s calling himself this week played at The Troubadour a couple weeks ago. Normally I avoid photographing at The Troubadour due to its darkness but sometimes you just have to make the most of a bad situation to see/photographt the bands you really want to. Plus, there seems to have been a down turn in the lighting around the venues in Brisbane so suddenly The Troubadour doesn’t seem as bad as normal.

Was loitering near the front of the stage before he came on but as soon as he did was heckled to sit down on the floor with the rest of the audience. So all the photos were done sat down, not being able to move. And after 70 minutes or so sat down on a hard floor it was really painful.

Some photos here and more on flickr.

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  1. […] usually really terrible. Sometimes you hit lucky, like I did the last time I photographed here and Bill Callahan was stood in exactly the right place to have some good quality light shining on him, sometimes you […]

  2. […] my mistake when Bill walks up to his microphone and starts singing.  In those 15 months since the show at the Troubadour he’s grown his hair and a bit of a beard and has turned into Edder Vedder… In addition […]

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