Texas Tea @ Black Bear Lodge, 17.08.2012

Following on from a blast of 2005 courtesy of The Dangerman last time, tonight brings another step back in time to those happy days in the Brisbane music scene and the first band I ever saw after moving to Brisbane, Texas Tea. The band are playing the same room as they did then, but as with Ric’s, much has changed at The Troubadour/Black Bear Lodge since that August Friday night seven years ago.

Back then the band had a $5 demo CD to their name but tonight sees them launching a cassette single for a song from their upcoming third album, coming out in October. It’s always a joy to catch up with them, even more so when they’re playing a bunch of new songs, and even more so when they’re playing a full band show.

If there is one major annoyance it’s the people drinking at Black Bear Lodge tonight. These days it’s bad enough even when people pay to go to a show or a festival but playing a free show, as the band are doing tonight, the vast majority of the venue, essentially everyone who’s not gathered around in front of the stage, couldn’t care less. They’re out with their mates straight from work on a Friday night and so while there might be a band playing, they didn’t come to see that and they’re going to make themselves heard over the music. The noise levels are extremely distratcing and irritating for anyone trying to watch the band.

As ever the new songs sound superb and I’m already looking forward to their album launch in a couple of months, when hopefully the audience will be more attentive and a whole lot less annoying.

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