The Cops

When I first came out to Sydney in May 2004 one of the first bands I saw was The Cops.

One of my friends from the UK had come out on a year visa a couple of years before me and put me in touch with his ex-housemate, who was a friend of the bass player, and who took me out to a few gigs. So I saw them at their EP launch at The Anandale and their album launch at The Gaelic Club.

They ended up using a photo I took of them for the adverts for the Jack Awards in all the music magazines when they were nominated for Best Band but that’s another story… (Although it did mean that the first time I saw myself in print in Australia was in Rolling Stone…)

Unlike the previous night, where there was just a single light on the stage, this time I was spoilt with two lights, which seems as good as it gets at The Columbian…

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