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Random February Photos

Photographed a few things in February and March that didn’t get around to putting in blogs due to moving.  Here’s some from the February batch, with more on flickr. Bob Log III Vegas Kings Handsome Family Vashti Bunyan Love is All Mean Streaks

The Cops

When I first came out to Sydney in May 2004 one of the first bands I saw was The Cops. One of my friends from the UK had come out on a year visa a couple of years before me and put me in touch with his ex-housemate, who was a friend of the bass […]

The Scare

Went to The Columbian on Friday night to see The Scare’s first gig back in Brisbane since their infamous show at The Zoo last year. The light at the Columbian is never the best but they turned it down even lower than normal so the stage was only lit by a single red spotlight about […]

The Drones + Darling Downs

One of my favourite photographers is Anton Corbijn I bought his U2 and i book earlier in the year as a birthday present to myself and it’s been a great source of inspiration and envy in recent months. (Note to bands: if any of you are planning on world domination please can you let me […]

Howling Bells + Other Stuff

The usual weekend last weekend – out drinking and seeing bands.  Thought I’d better stick some up here before I go out and do it all again this weekend… So here’s some photos of Howling Bells and Bit By Bats from the Columbian Bar on Saturday night, Wolf & Cub and Butcher Birds from The […]