The Ongoing Battles of Me vs John Stanier

Tyondai Braxton 

Let’s face it; whilst Tyondai Braxton is as close to a front man as you’re going to get with Battles, it’s all about trying to get photos of drummer John Stanier in full flight.  This would normally be a fairly easy proposition at many venues but being the Zoo in Brisbane there’s the lack of photo pit. So I started on the left hand side of the stage and couldn’t really see him behind guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams and his rack of keyboards, although I got this shot, which I love.  I think this sums up the visual memory of seeing Battles play live and John Stanier’s reach for his cymbal, located way above his head.  My timing was lucky enough to get his arm between the two lights in the background, which helps the composition.

John Stanier

Then I tried the right hand side of the stage (with many thanks to the guy who let me squeeze in against the stage for a couple of songs), which was better as I could actually see his face.  At least when he wasn’t he wasn’t leaning right over his hi-hit.

John Stanier

I’d photographed John Stanier before when he played the same venue with Mark of Cain a couple of years ago.  Didn’t have a whole lot of luck then, with this the best shot of him from that night.

John Stanier with Mark of Cain

I guess that for now it’s John Stanier 2: Justin Edwards 0.  Tomahawk next time perhaps?

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